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"Original" Rules

Tuesday 1 September 2009, by Clement

These rules are the one first described by Here you can see the original page on Here is the original text published back in 2006 (** verify this ! **)

What is it

Perhaps you know the original trucktrial idea: Making offroad trucks that are radio controlled (RC). The Lego version is basically the same, however the rules are based on Lego parts. The whole point is that you have to build a truck that can drive over rough terrain. The terrain may be made out of Lego, papier mache, wood etc...

The rules

The truck:
- Must look like a real truck
- Approx. scale: 1:13
- Excluding the wheels the max width is 24 studs. Including wheels the max width is 25 studs
- All wheel driven
- Must be able to steer

The wheels you may use:
- 81,6x34ZR 8880 wheels and tyres
- 24x43 wheels and tyres
- 68.824S wheels and tyres

What features are required:
- Real cabin with steering wheel, seats and dashboard
- Working piston engine
- The platform or construction on the back of the truck must have a width and a minimal length of 24 studs

Motors you may use:
- Standard 4,5V motor
- Old type 9V motor (sometimes referred to as ’flattie’)
- New type 9V motor (sometimes referred to as ’geared’)
- You may use a maximum of two motors for propulsion. You are free to use other motors for other functions, for example steering.

Not allowed is:
- Modified parts
- Non-Lego parts (except for rope)
- Lego RC motors