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Saturday 26 December 2009, by sam42

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Technical data

Scale (wheels used)
Width 27 studs
Total Weight 1570 grams
Transmission 4x4
Motorization 2 motor(s) - PFS XL

working fake motor
Steering motor

without steering wheel
Onboard Battery Box PFS

The second evolution of my latest trial truck.

Based on a custom space framed Unimog rock crawler, it uses a torque tube style suspension design and portal axles just like a real Unimog however the chassis is space frame rather than the original ladder and it uses bell-crank driven shock absorbers rather than plain springs to allow the suspension to be tuned. The rear axle is also steered to allow greater manoeuvrability.

It’s been recently re-developed to lower the centre of gravity, reduce the overall weight and eliminate bevel gear slippage in the drive train.
The axles and chassis have been re-designed and the body changed a little to make working on the truck a little easier.

Powered by the new power functions re-chargeable battery pack.
Drivetrain 12:36 then 8:24 in the portals
It can run 98.4x44r tires on the original wheels or stretched on power puller wheels.

JPEG - 132.1 kb

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