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FL12 8x8

Saturday 5 June 2010, by Atros

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Technical data

Scale (wheels used)
Width 27 studs
Total Weight 3475 grams
Transmission 8x8
Motorization 1 motor(s) - PFS XL

working fake motor
Steering motor

without steering wheel
Onboard Battery Box PFS

Volvo FL12 8x8

JPEG - 13 kb

Truck features all wheel drive, 4 wheel steering with different steering lock, full double wishbone suspension, remote controlled 4-speed gearbox with neutral gear, working winch, working fake R6 piston engine and working steering wheel.

Remote control

Vehicle is remote controlled by a mobile phone using Bluetooth connection. Both applications (mobile phone app and NXT app) are written by me in Java language (I used LeJOS to program NXT). Click here to see screen-shots from the mobile application.


Gearbox uses 2 driving rings to shift gears, each of them is controlled by one NXT motor. After shifting gear motor locks in a fixed position to prevent slipping off a driving ring. Gearbox design is similar to gearbox mounted in my Maz 5434 with the difference that is has 4 gears instead of 2.
Gear’s ratios are:
- Gear 1: 18.75:1
- Gear 2: 11.25:1
- Gear 3: 6.25:1
- Gear 4: 3.75:1

Steering system

Two front axles are steered with different ratios which is 1:1,67 (z12 drives z20). System construction is strong, backlash is low and it is almost impossible to desynchronize axles steering.


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