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crawler v.2

crawler v.2

Saturday 10 September 2011, by zver

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Technical data

Scale (wheels used)
Width 1 studs
Total Weight 1 grams
Transmission 4x4
Motorization 1 motor(s) - PFS XL

working fake motor
Steering motor

without steering wheel
Onboard Battery Box PFS

The second model in which I has tried to get rid of lacks of the first crawler. The basic changes have concerned the forward axle and configuration of motors.

Due to the implementation of additional levers in the steering mechanism it was possible to reduce quantity of gears from 5 to 1! The transmission ratio has thus changed slightly: from 1:27,789 to 1:24 that has allowed to leave standard cardan shafts in a gear. The axle became more compact, more simple, with the big corner of entrance.

Suspension bracket of the forward axle has changed slightly: have put shorter rods. The suspension bracket articulation has decreased, but as a whole it became more reliable.

Motors on a frame has put vertically, the battery block has taken out forward. The rear axle remained without changes; its suspension bracket became less rough.

The winch have not put yet - I will look as crawler will lead on tests.

Here is the first uphill test-drive:

Downhill drive has appeared much more difficult - ten times ten it has fallen before to move down normally (I will mount video of falling later :).

After installation of the new front axle and increasing the wheel base up to 3U the crawler became more steady:


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