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Mercedes G Pickup Truck

Thursday 23 August 2012, by efferman

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Technical data

Scale (wheels used)
Width 28 studs
Total Weight 2400 grams
Transmission 4x4x4
Motorization 4 motor(s) - PFS M

working fake motor
Steering motor

with steering wheel
Onboard Battery Box none

Long live the overkill ! this or something similar i can say when i talk about my new G-class pickup.
weight: 2400g
length: 530mm
width: 214mm
height: 272mm
Tires: well, not from lego. i have used ansmann racing 211000224
for the propulsion iam using four of the new PF-L motors from the 9398 with a gear ratio of 1:8,337 . They are powered by two lego lipos and two of the new V2 receivers. because of the left and right motors are has their own controll circuit, skid steering is theoretical possible, but not recommended.

the steering of both axles is realised with gear racks and the new servos. because each axle has its own steering control circuit, a dogwalk and counterwise steering is possible.

My G is not really a traditional G. It is more a G- Class body on a unimog Chassis, combined with the back part of a ford pickup.

now a little history of driving tests

HTML - 151.2 kb
Lego technic Mercedes G crawling test (wip) - YouTube

conclusion: wheelbase to short and a 1:6 reduction is to fast.

HTML - 148.3 kb
long chassis for my mercedes G - YouTube

conclusion: this is good working, time to build the bodywork

HTML - 154.7 kb
a technic Mercedes G - into the wild - YouTube

conclusion: works surprisingly well.
thanks for reading

View online : the G on brickshelf