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Functionning of the website

Friday 30 October 2009, by Clement

The website shows 2 faces :

  • the public website,
  • the private area.

The private area is restricted to members only. The public website is accessible to anybody.

The private area

In the private area, members write articles. These articles are then published online on the public website.

Members get access to the private area and are then called "Authors". In any collaborative website, moderation takes place. Certain Editors become Administrators and validate the published contents.

To know how to use the private area, visit this link

The public website

The public website displays written articles in sections. Use the Site map link (bottom of the page) to have an overview of its contents.


It is possible to comment any article. Loging in is not required. An internal forum is installed in the private area and allows members to exchange.

Note : the installation of a public forum could be studied. Please reply to this article to give your opinion about this.

To make it short :
Do you build LEGO Trial Trucks ? Do yo want to show your trucks and write articles about this challenge ? Why not join ? Follow the link at the top of the page or clic here.