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28 January 2010, 00:40, by HUN_Lac

Thank you!

No, I don’t loose any gears by the time. I wanted to mean, that the gears worn out much faster, if there is no greasing. Outside, mainly the lower gears (in position) easily get dirty, (eg. when the wheels spin on the soil) which also make them worn out pretty fast. Then these gears have to be replaced, to get back the original efficiency/performance (so in that way, yes, I loose them:)).

Anyway I think everybody meets these problems:)

I said that I don’t loose gears, but I have to admit, that the about 4 of the 8 8z gears (in the hub) are deformed on 1-2 teeth, but they are still useable (even though I used the 8z gears that have the thickest teeth). That’s one of the weakpoints, but it’s not really significant in overall.