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Planetary hub reductions

5 August 2011, 00:16, by HUN_Lac

When you’re considering to go in the mud or avoid the mud with planetary gears, i can recommend you, to avoid it... :D Sand doesn’t do any good either (and even more if it’s windy).

On the first international TT meeting we had at Keszthely ( ; videos are currently under cutting), Zblj’s planetary gears got dirty inside, and made his whole drivetrain very resistant.
The sand in the turntable inner side, (between the 2 sub-part), make a resistance force on a big radius, which cause a huge resistance on the axle in torque... Note, that this resistance means that your turntables are wearing out as fast possible (That’s where the power of the motors go...)

Planetary gears are good, but never use when there’s a little chance to get dirty.