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About LEGO® Truck Trial

One electric motor, a bunch of gears, a fake motor, a steering wheel, a batterybox and a controler, a minimum of 4 wheels and a solid chassis. This strange assembly is actually a Trial Truck and if well built, capable to drive over muddy slopes in the forest ...

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"Truck Trial" (the real stuff, with real trucks) is using a lot of petrol to achieve inachievable goals with a truck. For example, run up a 70° hill, or drive through a lake of mud ... This is very funny but not really environment-friendly.

Still, willing to achieve goals is an human instinct and when it is only a game, it is cool. LEGO(R) has a modularity that allows the player to build almost any vehicle on Earth. Add motors and you get a Lego Truck Trial. is THE online ressources website that hosts lego pictures. A quick search gives you access to thousands of pics about it. GIve it a try if you don’t know what it is.