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About the website

Aim and Spirit

This website was created in september 2009 by an AFOL (lexique). The aim of this website is to regroup information about LEGO(R) Truck Trial. Built on a SPIP engine, it offers builders the possibility to add content to the website thanks to a member access.

Today, most Truck Trial builders express theirselves on local communities forums/website, in local languages. This english website makes it possible for almost anybody to get to know other’s trucks and exchange about them. As a consequence, all the website is ONLY in english.

I repeat (see the Manifesto), I do not intend to overshadow any other existing website, but only to offer builders a central platform to exchange about ideas, techniques and most of all, Trial Trucks.

How does it work ?

If it is your first time here, read the articles placed in this section in order to become familiar with the website (especially the Tutorial article).

As a member, you can enrich the website by writing articles. Actually, it is the aim of this website: based on spip, a serious Content Management System, it allows its members to add/modify online content.

You can write new articles, about your Trucks, your ideas or to present your incoming meetings. You can also modify an existing article, to improve its accuracy, or to add details. To do so, simply ask the author of the article in the private area.

If it is your first time here, and you would like to know a little bit more about the website, I invite you to read the articles situated in the About section.

PS : the website was not built by an informatician. Therefore it could contain some (a lot of ?) mistakes, dead links or misfunctionning. Please report any problem or trouble you have to the admin at this page (the form at the bottom of the page).


On the First of July 2009, I wrote a document, called "Manifesto for a global lego truck trial website". It displays the initial aim and goals of the website. Clic here to download the file [.pdf - 36ko].

Last but not least

The contents displayed on this website are the responsibility of their authors. Use the contact form on their author page to contact them (if present).

Please keep in mind that the website has been designed by a non-professional web-addict. For any question, comment, idea, suggestion ... about the website’s functionning, use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Last thing : don’t hesitate to contact the author of an article if you would like to add contents to the correspondent topic. Just like wiki, it is collaborative work :)

Recent comments
On this page, you can see all the comments posted on the website, displayed like a forum.